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The services we offer
Photography > Whether you wish to highlight the format of your documents, presentation, slideshow, website or simply print your pictures, our photo lab is able to provide high-quality result, performed by professionals. Our studio has also moving backgrounds and equipment includes camera, lenses and various lighting projector to serve in all cases.

Filming > At Stargraphx, we are equipped with high-end material and accessories to adapt to all shooting requirements. High end camcorders, fluid head tripods, dolyboard, steadicam, motorized camcorder crane and 35mm adaptor are on-board.

Video editing > Equipped with professional editing stations we can process all kind of video creations. Our production line is fully digitalised to keep high image quality and maximum productivity. Whether for web diffusion or numerical recording like DVD or Blue-Ray or for broadcasting purpose, we can output the film in its best media. Editing, titling, animation, computer rendered images, compositing, keying, everything is available to let full imagination to your freedom.

Graphic design > Creation of logos and graphic designs. Our creations are original and respect your instructions. You can provide us your ideas; we will materialize them. You can also even thrust us fully to find the visual identity to match the spirit of your company. We may format all your documents, whether advertising or administrative, like flyers, brochures, magazines, postcard, headers, envelop, business card, invoice, ordering and much more. Our graphic designers can also supports in 3D domain and computer rendered images.

Print > In order to differentiate yourself from your competitors, prestige printings are required. Please enjoy our printing service and our pool of printers: offset printing, digital printing & auxiliary printing machines are available for any kind of request: four color print, Pantone colors, small or large lot, urgent request, advertising work, administrative task, invoice, VAT booklets and much more.

Webdesign > Nowadays, having a website is a must for any company. Thanks to our competencies in web design & graphic technology, we can create your website with professional visual quality & any functionalities you may required. Both your company and products will be visible from everyone. We can develop both static and dynamic website.

Authoring > We can create DVDs as well as any multimedia slideshow. Our video productions can be delivered on DVD support with static or animated menus, comments, still screens and subtitles. We can also develop multimedia presentation, from simple slideshow to more complex interactive presentation. This is supported by technologies like PowerPoint or Flash animations.
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